Website Traffic: What are the best ways to drive traffic on your website for free?

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Increasing website traffic is something that many entrepreneurs and marketers want, whether they own brick-and-mortar or e-commerce businesses.

Your website acts as your online shop, enabling users to learn more about your offerings, form a connection with your business, and ultimately convert to leads and paying customers.


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Some businesses wonder whether having a website is even important, much less getting website traffic. In today’s environment, even brick-and-mortar enterprises must have a website. Prospective customers can, at the very least, discover more about your business. But ideally, it’s set up such that website visitors may access your sales funnel and eventually convert to customers.

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  1. POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA — Social media is one of the most popular and economical marketing techniques, and it also helps to enhance website traffic. Use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote the blog posts on your website and other helpful websites. By publishing content that people want to share, you can get more website traffic from your social media followers’ networks.
  2. INCLUDE HASHTAGS TO YOUR POST — By incorporating hashtags in articles promoting the pages and blog posts on your website, you may grow your network and be found by individuals searching for your goods and services. Your website will gain more free traffic as more people click on your links.
  3. TARGET LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS— Short-tail keywords can be harder to rank for even if they are typically more commonly searched for. Instead, concentrating on long-tail keywords boosts your likelihood of ranking higher (even on the first page) for queries about your products and services. More traffic results from a higher ranking. Additionally, consumers are using more exact terminology while conducting online searches as search engines and voice search technology advance.
  4. START EMAIL MARKETING — The regular delivery of newsletters and email offers is a great method to stay in touch with your customers and can increase website traffic. Include relevant information and links to your website’s pages where visitors may learn more, such as blog posts and landing pages for certain offers. To avoid having your readers stop reading, deleting, or unsubscribing from your emails, just be careful not to bombard them with them all the time.
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There are other ways to increase website traffic to your new site, but there is just one straightforward, highly suggested method that is certain to bring in consistent buyer traffic for your business


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